SCLH presents a new project in cooperation with USA-HOCKEY. The aim of the project is to help young players from Europe to enter professional sport environment as well as to create a possibility to show themselves in front of international scouts and coaches, who are currently looking for young players in their teams or universities in the USA. Scouts from USA will be present for the whole event to overlook the games, practices and the overall impression of the players on- and off-ice.




Why should you sign up with us at SCLH-PLAYER COMBINE? The answer is simple – our main task is not just a preparation for next season, but the main flagship of SCHL is PLAYER COMBINE, which allows players from Europe to enter professional hockey environment in the USA. Collaborating with people, whose main job is scouting for teams or university hockey organizations, you don’t have to pay the flight, hotel and other expenses to travel to the USA for TRY-OUT, which won’t guarantee you, that a player will be chosen there. That’s why scouts and managers will travel to Europe to scout and choose players for their AAA teams, that currently need completion.

SCLH presents main product, PLAYER COMBINE, which brings you confrontation on an international level, mainly with USA and European players in the age group MIDGET (U-16). PLAYER COMBINE offers you scouting, 12 games on the AAA level within one event, consults with scouts and a DRAFT to US teams of AAA rating, or even directly to USHL.